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You have heating know-how on your side

Geography, geology, and available technology are factors you should consider when installing or maintaining a heating system here in northern California. Our privilege is giving you straightforward information that's suited to your situation.

Take advantage of recent improvements in the technology and manufacture of solar panels that make them an affordable and sustainable home heating option. Or, ask us about geothermal heating and cooling systems that can deliver five units of energy for every one unit of electricity they consume.

Whether your heat source is high-tech solar or old-school lumber, the principles behind delivering comfort efficiently to every part of your house are the same. You can count on Mountain Air Heating & Cooling & Refrigeration to keep your serviceable furnace running or expertly install a new one.

Gone are the days when you heated with a monstrous, energy-wasting furnace inside and cooled with a monstrous air-conditioner outside. New geothermal heat pumps heat in the winter and cool in the summer and can be adapted to radiant floor heating or forced air systems.

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